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Do you want to create a lasting impression with your best prospects so they'll buy again? Do you want to improve direct mail and ad response rates? Up-sell or sell multiple units without squeezing your margins? Vacation and gift certificates add value and give your prospects an irresistible reason to respond - NOW. And after your customer enjoys a rewarding getaway or reward, you can be sure that they'll think of you again the next time they're ready to buy.


Can you imagine walking into a car dealership with no sales people? Just shiny new cars with the price on the window and a form to fill out? Neither can we. If your showroom is a web page, you need to invest in a closing tool to motivate the customer to make a favorable purchasing decision just as you would in a physical showroom. Otherwise, when your marketing process ends, your sales process is going to die right along with it.

Your web site is your salesperson and, like any salesperson, it needs tools to finish the sales process and close the sale. Web sites use response forms to collect information to complete the sale either online or with a follow up call from a sales specialist. You need an incentive to motivate your visitor to complete and submit the response form. We now have a tool that can triple your conversions by delivering our sales incentives right on your web site. For a demo of the tool please visit: InternetMarketing-CPR.com

We call it Internet Marketing CPR, or Cost-Per-Response.

World Traveler Award

The World Traveler Award is a new series of upscale travel certificates that feature the most desirable travel packages available in a certificate today.

The series comes in a choice of 3 hybrid certificates; a fall Cruise certificate, a summer Alaska Cruise certificate or an International Destinations certificate. In addition to these highly sought after travel packages, all 3 certificates also offer 2 round trip airline tickets for travel to and from locations within the continental United States.

For complete terms and conditions, please visit: WorldTravelerAward.com.


Spectacular Rewards

Our new Spectacular Rewards program is our latest hybrid certificate that offers a choice of a $500 Dining Card, a $500 Hotel Card, $2000 in Travel Cash Discounts, or an Android Tablet PC - PLUS - one of 6 different Lodging or Cruise certificates. This phenomenally successful yet very cost effective certificate program is proving to be our best incentive product ever!

Spectacular Rewards can help you:

  • Invigorate your Sales Team
  • Fill your Appointment Book
  • Build your Showroom Traffic
  • Improve your Show Ratios
  • Activate your Sales Leads
  • Pull your Sales Forward
  • Add on more Profitable Options
  • Close More Sales
  • Make More Money!!!
Spectacular Rewards.png

Condo Vacation Club Promo Booklet

ETTSI’s marketing team saw a need for a low cost incentive with a high perceived value that could be used as a “spiff” of sorts. The Condo Vacation Club Promo Booklet fills this need perfectly.

These promo booklets contain 100 serialized coupons each redeemable for a Vacation Condo Club annual membership which represents a $49.95 value. Businesses who purchase the promo booklet can give these complementary memberships to their valued customers for as little as $2 each*. Some targeted uses of the promo are to increase appointments and show rates, rewarding customers for referring friends, upselling or increasing the size of the purchase, or simply showing their appreciation to customers for their patronage

*Quote is at the maximum volume discount. Ask a representative for actual pricing at your quantity.

Please visit: Condo Vacation Club Promo Booklet.


Holiday Turkey or Ham Certificate

Be a part of your customer's and employee's holidays by giving them our Turkey or Ham Certificate.

The recipient can pick up their turkey or ham at the grocery store of their choice and then they'll send us their reciept. We will mail them a $10 reimbursment check.


Travel Cash

Travel Cash offers $2,000 in travel discounts for airfare, hotel, cruise, or packaged travel. It's simple and easy to use. Recipients simply book their travel reservations on line at www.TravelCashBooklet.com. Upon return from their trip they redeem their travel cash coupons reducing their travel costs by up to 20%

The recipient can pick up their turkey or ham at the grocery store of their choice and then they'll send us their reciept. We will mail them a $10 reimbursment check.

Please visit: www.TravelCashBooklet.com.