Time Share Resorts Inventive Gifts

Case Study

Program : " Complimentary Vacation "
Client : Signature Ready
Venue : Palm Coast, FL
Theme : Vacation of a Lifetime

Complimentary Vacation Overview

Signature Realty specializes in elite properties and exclusive locales in the Northern Floride region.
Their Agents needed some way to show their prospects their appreciation for using Signature Realty as
their Agency of Choice in this highly competitive touch of providing . ETTSI clients with a “Vacation of a Lifetime.”

Signature Realty took out a Full-Range Ad in “Flagler Magazine” , a Fashionable high-end print publication that reaches the upper echelon financial demographic. ETTSI provided Signature Realty with design and copy consultation to achieve the Stylish Presentation and travel offer. ETTSI recommended a subdued approach for the vacation offer to maintain a classy and understand graphic presentation.

The Success has been so overwhelming; Signature Realty has since being using the certificates as gifts to Mortgage & Title Company Agents for their referrals. Business is booming in Florida and ETTSI is proud to be the catalyst for Signature Realty’s growth.