Travel Club Premiums

ETTSI specializes in offering sales premiums in support of Timeshare and Travel Club presentations. You can relax knowing that you are receiving the greatest value and that your customers will be serviced with the utmost attention.

Below are a few of our high end certificates that time share developers and travel clubs find provide the drawing power they need to produce sufficient tours and qualified buyers to support their sales initiatives. For a listing of all certificates available in this program, please visit:

World Traveler Award

The World Travel Award is a new series of upscale travel certificates that feature the most desirable travel packages available in a certificate today.

The series comes in a choice of 3 hybrid certificates; a fall Cruise certificate, a summer Alaska Cruise certificate or an International Destinations certificate. In addition to these highly sought after travel packages, all 3 certificates also offer 2 round trip airline tickets for travel to and from locations within the continental United States.

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Spectacular Rewards

Our new Spectacular Rewards program is our latest hybrid certificate that offers a choice of a $500 Dining Card, a $500 Hotel Card, $2000 in Travel Cash Discounts, or an Android Tablet PC - PLUS - one of 6 different Lodging or Cruise certificates. This phenomenally successful yet very cost effective certificate program is proving to be our best incentive product ever!

Spectacular Rewards can help you:

  • Invigorate your Sales Team
  • Fill your Appointment Book
  • Build your Showroom Traffic
  • Improve your Show Ratios
  • Activate your Sales Leads
  • Pull your Sales Forward
  • Add on more Profitable Options
  • Close More Sales
  • Make More Money!!!
Spectacular Rewards

Airfare for Two

Our Airfare for Two certificate offers 2 round trip airline tickets with the purchase of 7 nights lodging at anyone of over 3300 worldwide destinations.

Your customer will have the opportunity to vacation in a 4 or 5 star resort condominium for less than the cost of a comperable hotel room and the airfare is on us.

We feature over 2000 domestic locations state side for just $99 per night. Canada, Hawaii and Caribbean destinations range from $149 to $199 per night and overseas destinations are $299 per night.


World Class Cruise - 8 Day Passage to Fun*

Our World Class Cruise certificate offers a 7-night cruise during the months of September through December for two adults 21 (double occupancy required) aboard Carnival Cruise Lines or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines departing from any major port in the continental United States.

Travelers are responsible for port charges, government taxes, reservation processing fees, and service charges starting at a minimum of $299 per person. Upgrades are available, including peak season cruise dates, at an additional charge.

This certificates offers your customer substantial savings on their choice of virtually any cruise out of the United States when compared to internet and Cruise Line direct rates.

*Also available in a 5 day/4 night version.


Electronics & Merchandise Certificates

We offer several electronics products that we make available in several different ways. You have the choice of offering these as fully paid certificates where your customers simply return the certificate to us for fulfillment or you can have your customers participate in a percentage of the cost by paying a small activation fee and shipping and handling charges. We also have certificates featuring up to 3 different products on one certificate which allows your customer to choose one of the electronic products that best suits their needs. In conjunction with certificates, we also offer the actual electronics products at very competitive prices so you can have them on hand for immediate delivery. Visit out Merchandise Certificates page for suggestions of popular products.

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Travel Certificate

These Travel Certificate offer round trip air line tickets in a variety of ways to promote your individual business marketing initiatives. Choose your Airfare package in a stock certificate or a branded Gift card with your company logo. For latin markets we also offer these Travel Certificate in spanish.

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Travel Certificate