Land Accommodations Certificates

These certificates offer land accommodations from 2 to 7 nights in anywhere from 45 popular American tourism locations to over 3600 exciting travel destination around the world. Or, we also offer special certificates to places such as Las Vegas and even a few with bonus certificate options for Airfare and cruises along with other popular gifts. This allows us to match an enticing offer to your customers needs at a price that fits your budget needs.

Vacation of a Lifetime


Accommodations at over 45 resort destinations throughout North America.

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Pack Your Bags


3 Day/2 Nights in Orlando plus, 3 Day/ 2 nights in your choice of 5 locations.

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Condo Vacation Club


Condo vacations at 1000's of destinations worldwide.

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Condo Express


8 Day/7 Night luxury condo accommodations.

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Triple Play


3 certificates in one, including air, land and sea.

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Your Choice GetAway


3 Day/2 Nights Ramada accommodations plus bonus airfare & cruise certificates.

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Viva Las Vegas


3 Day/2 Nights in exciting Las Vegas plus bonus gifts.

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World Traveler Award


Choice of 3 hybrid certificates; a fall Cruise , a summer Alaska Cruise or an International Destinations.

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