Condo Vacation Club

Condo Vacation Club Promo Booklet


ETTSI’s marketing team saw a need for a low cost incentive with a high perceived value that could be used as a “spiff” of sorts. The Condo Vacation Club Promo Booklet fills this need perfectly.

These promo booklets contain 100 serialized coupons each redeemable for a Vacation Condo Club annual membership which represents a $49.95 value. Businesses who purchase the promo booklet can give these complementary memberships to their valued customers for less than $2 each*. Some targeted uses of the promo are to increase appointments and show rates, rewarding customers for referring friends, upselling or increasing the size of the purchase, or simply showing their appreciation to customers for their patronage.

*Quote is at the maximum volume discount. Ask a representative for actual pricing at your quantity.

condovacation offers its members access to our 8 wholesale travel search engines. These are the same wholesale search engines that our travel coordinators use to book your travel services. Members can travel whenever they want to and as often as they like.

Unlike other travel clubs, members have access to our travel coordinators who help them select and book the best travel services and accommodations available at the time they want to travel.

Condo Vacation Club membership discount coupons and membership cards provide a very attractive premium with a high-perceived value. This premium is an excellent promotional tool for use in multiple applications.

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